Heidelberg Museums, Churches, and DJs

Heidelberg Museums, Churches, and DJs

The end of our Heidelberg adventure started out with a trip to a fantastic art museum. The Kurpfälzisches Museum is a bit eclectic as it houses modern and historical art pieces.

They even have dancing cigarettes outside. Only in Europe!

The exhibit we went to was spectacular but unfortunately you couldn't take pictures inside. I must say you should definitely stop by if you happen to visit Heidelberg. It is an expansive museum covering multiple buildings so wear your walking shoes and make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy each level.

We had heard that you can walk up the Church of the Holy Spirit tower to see expansive views of the city. And for only 2 euros we couldn't resist. The church itself was quite beautiful with a stone clad cathedral and stained glass windows.


We walked around the ground floor before taking ourselves up the first flight of stairs. 

The stairs wound up and up and every now and then a small window gave you a glimpse of the city below. We could hear the wind howling and figured we were in for a gusty welcome at the top. 

We were right.

The views that greeted us were amazing. We could walk around the entire tower to see every part of the city including the castle, bridge, and beautiful orange colored roofs. 

After working up an appetite we ducked into a small pub for a bite to eat. I am in love with any cafe that is a bit dark, lit by candles, and serves a great cup of coffee.

I think I snapped pictures of candles on tables in every city we have visited so far. Collin says it is an adorable quirk of mine. 

Full and ready for more sightseeing we walked to the Heidelberg University museum to see the Alte Aula or "Great Hall" and the Student Prison. I was curiously interested in what the origins of the latter were. 

The Alte Aula is still used for ceremonies, concerts, and lectures and the interior originates from the university's 500th anniversary in 1886 and includes depictions and events of the university's storied history.

The student prison was interesting to say the least. When the university was founded in 1386 it was given the authority to adjudicate for its own members  In 1545 the university set up its own student prison in various spots around what is now University Square. In 1823 cells were constructed and used until 1914.

Students were placed in jail for such transgressions as disturbing the peace and breaching public order. Theoretically students were still permitted to attend classes. 

We had dinner at our favorite cafe in Heidelberg, Cafe Rossi. I think we visited that cafe about four times in three days.

The atmosphere was awesome, the food delicious, and the coffee strong and hot. Lucky for us it was next door to our hotel. Try the pulled pork tacos - trust me. 

We saw online that there was going to be drum and base DJs from Hospital Records performing at a local club, Halle02. We aren't usually into live music but we thought it would be interesting to go. Well, when we got there the music was different and the dancing even more so.

I don't really know how to explain it other than to say you can search YouTube for 'skanking freestyle.' We tried to look cool and try out the moves but I don't know how successful we were. It was fun nonetheless! 

We lasted about an hour and a half before we looked at each other and said "let's go." 

Thanks for the memories, Heidelberg! 

A little bit of home in Germany

A little bit of home in Germany

Sunshiny Day in Heidelberg

Sunshiny Day in Heidelberg

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