Exploring Krakow

Exploring Krakow

Long time, no blog! I know it's been a month since my last post - sorry about that. But here I am with a fresh, new, part one post about our trip to Krakow! 

The month of February was a complete blur. We travelled to so many different cities in the shortest month of the year and we were feeling it by the time we got to Krakow. But, nonetheless, we had a great time!

We arrived in Krakow and walked from the train station to the management company office that had our Airbnb keys. Luckily the apartment was ready early so we were able to drop our bags off before grabbing a bite to eat. 

Every time we get to a new city the worst part (for me) is lugging my bag from the train station to our apartment. I know I shouldn't complain but holy moly I sometimes just want to leave my bag and go super minimalist. But at least my amazing husband carries it up and down (many) stairs for me. 

We arrived at our tiny but cozy studio apartment right across the street from Old Town. We were so lucky with the location. It took no time at all to get around.

We were starving by time we dropped our luggage off. We went to the closest and best reviewed place we could fine. Honestly we wouldn't recommend it as the food and service left something to be desired. (Fyi it was called Pod Wawelem).

After fueling up we walked straight up to Wawel Castle.

The castle dates back to the 14th century and boasts some amazing structures situated around a central courtyard.

We were hoping to visit on the free admission day but once we got there we realized they only give out a limited number of free tickets and we showed up too late. 

Having decided to come back in a couple days in order to explore the ins and outs of the castle we took a few snaps of the drizzly courtyard. 

After enjoying the rain soaked courtyard we ducked into a cafe to warm up.

Collin was ecstatic as this particular cafe had very comfy chairs - something that is quite hard to find actually. We pulled up our chairs and perused the extensive menu of drinks and sweets. 

I had the best tea. Ever. It was warm, spicy and fruity. The perfect combination to warm up before heading out for more exploring. 

Check back soon for our next day's adventures in a sunny Krakow!

Krakow in the Sun

Krakow in the Sun

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