A Very Long Walk...

A Very Long Walk...

Collin and I stayed in Elgin in Eastern Scotland for about two weeks. We took advantage of a particularly beautiful sunny day to take a walk along the Moray Coastal Path. 

This walk was supposed to take around 3 hours or so but instead ended up being a bit longer.

We had lunch in Burghead at a wonderful little cafe to fuel up for our afternoon walk. We found the start to the path and immediately started taking pictures as the scenery was breathtaking. 

The views transformed as you got further and further along the path showing us an ever-changing array of nature's beauty. 

Surprisingly it was so sunny I soon had to start shedding layers. Yes, I wear two pairs of socks when it is cold outside. My feet lack an internal heat source it would seem. They are ten ice cubes - all the time. 

Further down the path the landscape began to sprout quaint little beach huts. 

And a pristine beach all to ourselves. 

A little further we decided to jump down from the path to a beach below to explore a bit.

It may not look far but to me that was a very long jump. Luckily my amazing husband helped me down. Well, I basically fell onto him and he caught me! 

We found an amazing cave to explore and sat down for a bit of a rest to take in our surroundings. 

This is when things got a little hairy. We walked, and walked, and walked for what felt like ages teetering on slippery rocks trying to keep our balance. This went on for a couple of hours as we knew we had to keep going as there was no where to go but forward. 

Beautiful but precarious rocks. 

We finally found a very, very steep hill that rose up from the beach. Some very kind person had nailed a rope into the side of the rock for lowly walkers that got stuck on the beach (probably). We made our way to the top with a few choice words along the way and finally got back onto the actual Coastal Path. 

The path led us onto the most stunning beach I have seen. Perfect in every way. Not a single footprint touched the sand except ours. 

The beach was an endless stretch of sand. Our legs were about to give out so we tried to make each other laugh and kept moving one foot in front of the other.

We walked for 5 hours before finally witnessing the ultimate culmination to our day. An amazing rainbow stretching all the way to our final destination!

It then turned into an all out double rainbow! 

I doubt I will ever see a rainbow as bright and vibrant as the one I saw that day. The pictures don't do it justice of course. It was almost blinding! 

We ended the day at the nearest pub we could find and fell onto the couches with two ciders and an order of fries or 'chips' as the Brits call them. 

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