Endinburgh - We're Back!

Endinburgh - We're Back!

Having thought we had our fill of Edinburgh we decided to head back to tick a few more things off our list. Luckily for us our WorkAway hosts were just an hour outside of Edinburgh so making a day trip of it was no great feat. 

Again, we chose the perfect day to spend outside. We got up, got ready, hopped in the car and made our way to the train station just outside Edinburgh - so we wouldn't have to find parking in the city center. 

Our main goal was to hike up Arthur's Seat. 

Arthur's Seat is the main peak of a group of hills in Edinburgh. It is smack dab in the middle of Edinburgh, one mile from Edinburgh Castle. The city views from the top are amazing.

Having arrived at the train station we walked along the road towards lunch, stopping to admire the blooms.

Making sure to fuel up before our hike we finished up and walked towards the hills.

We found the path and started up. Again, hills are not my friend. But I always love the outcome.

After walking up the steep hill I suddenly felt like we were descending. Throughly annoyed that all my hard work was for naught we found the actual path to Arthur's Seat. Up we went.

Collin will tell you I was a little temperamental by this point but by golly I made it, shedding layers as I went. 

The summit was incredible. We were greeted by other tourists staring in awe at the clear skies and city views below.

I plopped down on the hill and stared out at the horizon.

Catching my breath, we made our way over to Arthur's Seat but decided not to queue for a picture on the actual 'seat.'

We were here, and that was enough for us.

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