Last of our London Days

Last of our London Days

We finished up our days in London with a bit of shopping. We headed towards Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets. 

I loved the Union Jack bunting peppering the streets. It made it feel all the more festive as you walked down the streets admiring the wares.

We dipped into a couple of stores and bought a few pieces because what better place to stock up on new wardrobe staples than London?

We grabbed a bubble tea, looked up and saw Liberty of London staring down at us.

I knew that Liberty was a sort of icon in London so we stepped in to see what it was all about. The store is amazing. The building itself is beautifully constructed with intricate woodwork.

Each piece in Liberty of London was too hot for my wallet but we enjoyed perusing the floors.

Stepping out onto the street we came across the most British thing yet - Mini Coopers barreling down the road. I don't know where they were going but I'm glad I snapped a picture before they sped off. 

London has some incredible art galleries. We just so happened to look in a window and see an artist Collin had told me about a few months back. Mike Dargas paints hyper-realistic paintings. We were staring into the windows unsure whether or not we could go in or if it was a private viewing. The guard was incredibly gracious and said "the view is better inside." 

We were alone in the gallery and were able to really admire his talent up close. 

That night we had the best pizza of our lives at Franco Manca then headed to Tower Bridge to see her lit up in all her night-time glory.

The next day we woke to another sunshine-filled day and headed to Camden to check out all the fuss. Camden is an incredible part of London. We walked down the streets admiring the storefronts and made our way into the maze of markets. 

There was something for everyone.

We finished up the day at the Tate Britain - adding a bit of culture to our day. 

London surprised us. We didn't know we would fall in love. We'll definitely be back!

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