Table Rock Jungle Lodge

Table Rock Jungle Lodge

Collin and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this summer and decided to head to Belize for tropical jungles and sandy beaches. We landed in Belize City under cover of clouds and drizzle. But our hopes were high that we would see sunshine as we found our luggage and walked out into the humid air to find our driver. We hopped in the car and started our two hour road trip to Table Rock Jungle Lodge. The last 5 miles were a bit interesting as it was an unpaved road and the car didn't really appreciate the multitude of tiny boulders in our way. 

We arrived at our jungle oasis. Elejio greeted us at the car and showed us around, walking us to the open air dining room for lunch.


After an amazing lunch and complimentary drinks watching the rain we walked around the citrus groves on the lodge's farm (complete with donkeys and chickens) and then retired to our new favorite spot on Earth - the open air cabanas fitted with two hammocks just made for us. 


We lounged, napped, and talked until it was time for dinner and a hot shower. 


The next day we awoke to jungle sounds. The fact that there was no air conditioning wasn't an issue as the ginormous industrial fan above the bed gave a wonderful breeze.


We got ready and walked down to breakfast. Each meal we had was better than the last. We snapped a few pictures of our incredible surroundings and relaxed in the hammocks until our tour guide arrive and drove us to MET lodge.


This time the car that picked us up was made for driving over anything - rocks, mud, you name it. We arrived at a beautiful, vine covered al fresco dining room where we were treated to another delicious meal prepared by the family's cook. Jim, the owner of MET lodge and an Aggie come to find out, joined us for lunch along with his children and grandchildren. 


After a quick safety briefing given by Jim, always important, we met our guide Rigo for our private, horseback riding adventure. Rigo was a phenomenal tour guide that made sure to point out plants and animals and interesting facts about everything we passed.


My favorite was the all-spice leaf which he pulled off the tree and had us crush in our hands. It smelled just like Christmas. Collin got to canter his horse which is always his favorite part. I declined as that's just not my style. Slow and steady wins the race, right? We rested our horses and bums next to a creek before heading back.

I had bruises on my backside two days later! Exhausted but loving every minute, we headed back to our lodge and crashed for the night. 


Check back soon for more of our Belizean adventures! 

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