Hiking, Canoeing, and Tubing in Belize

Hiking, Canoeing, and Tubing in Belize

We awoke to another day in paradise. We decided to go on a hike on the lodge's three hiking trails. They highly suggested we talk a walking stick if we would be adventuring to the 'red trail' and thank goodness we did. The rain the night before made the Earth very soft and squishy. 

We met some interesting creatures along the way. 

Hot, sticky, and muddy we headed back and talked to Elejio about canoeing up to Chaa Creek - a luxury resort 30 minutes upstream.

We changed into our bathing suits, grabbed two oars, and headed down to the creek.


The first canoe we tried was a no go as the seat broke as soon as Collin sat down. The second was much sturdier.

We, well when I say 'we' I mean Collin, paddled us towards the lodge. Collin eventually admitted I wasn't really helping so he suggested I stop "paddling" and admire the river, which I gladly did. 


There was one rapid that Elejio had warned us about and it was a little more intense than we thought it would be. I tried my best to help but that didn't really work very well as I was bent over laughing the entire time. Collin decided to get out of the canoe and pull us through the rapid. He hopped back in the canoe quite gracefully without tipping us over - thank God. 

We made it to the dock of Chaa Creek and tied up our canoe. It was an uphill climb to the lodge and we immediately headed for the bar for a cool drink.

Thankful for a chilled drink in our hands we relaxed at the bar and ordered a pizza. 

After refueling we made our way over to their gorgeous infinity pool. We hopped into the pool to cool off and were joined by a few other couples celebrating their honeymoon and one that was set to get married a few days later. 

We lounged in and out of the pool for hours, cooling ourselves and napping under the canopy. After having our fill of pool heaven we headed back to our canoe. 

Not having had enough adventure for the day we decided to go tubing down the creek once we returned to our lodge. We grabbed two tubes and floated lazily downstream. Collin had me  so convinced that he was going to flip me into the murky creek that I eventually just stood and walked the rest of the way - laughing the whole time, of course. 


The day ended with another incredible meal and our feet up in the hammocks. 

Check back soon for our next adventure in Belize! 

Headed to the Beach

Headed to the Beach

Table Rock Jungle Lodge

Table Rock Jungle Lodge

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