Burg Breuberg

Burg Breuberg

With our map in tow we pin pointed the next historic site we wanted to visit and narrowed it down to Burg Breuberg (Breuberg Castle). Collin's new driving skills were definitely coming in handy, allowing us to visit all the nearby villages with their historic architecture and monuments.

We arrived in Breuberg and headed to the castle. By the looks of this one it was going to be enormous. It didn't disappoint. We parked the car and stared up at the imposing structure in awe of the construction that took place in the 13th century. The Breuberg Castle is noted as among Germany's most well-preserved castles and today serves as a youth hostel and museum. 

We headed up the hill and arrived at a very steep set of steps leading to the entrance of the castle. Having made it to the top we peered over the wall to the dry moat below.

Walking along the edges of the castle walls we had a great view of the mist-covered village. 

Small holes were carefully constructed in portions of the wall which Collin said were most likely for battlement stations. They gave a straight shot down to the road below. 

Further into the castle walls we found impressive stone work that lead us to a very tall tower.


We walked to the small door at the base of the tower and noticed the inside was pitch black with a sign on the door. 

Being inept in the German language we were worried the sign was telling us 'no entry' as we badly wanted to climb to the top. We walked around a bit admiring the architectural features of the buildings around us when another couple, enjoying the castle, arrived at the tower. 

We could hear they were speaking German. Yes! We waited a bit to see if they would take a minute to read the sign. If they read it and walked into the tower then we would definitely follow. Much to our delight they read the sign, walked through the door, switched on the light, and started up the stairs. We assumed this meant we could go too. (Although the sign could have said 'no trespassing' and they chose to ignore that but nonetheless we followed suit). 

Dark and very steep we cautiously made our way to the top.

Luckily the handrail seemed to be newly constructed so I felt a bit better grabbing it for support. We made it to the top for aerial views of the castle below and quite a beautiful site of the village surrounding it. 

Not wanting to miss the chance of a picture I asked the German gentleman if he would take our picture and he kindly obliged. 

Not the greatest picture of us but grateful to have it. 

We took a few minutes to admire our surroundings before making our way back down.

We left a few euros in the donation box at the bottom as thanks. 

We came across a slide as we were walking around the remainder of the castle walls. Now I love a good slide but this one seemed a bit precarious as the only thing in between you careening off the side of the mountain was what looked to be like a soccer net.

We decided to take the stairs but more power to you if you decide to take your chances on the slide. 

Another incredible site checked off our list. 

Snow Covered Neckarsteinach

Snow Covered Neckarsteinach



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