Snow Covered Neckarsteinach

Snow Covered Neckarsteinach

Germany continues to entrance me with its beauty. We drove to Neckarsteinach to visit a castle we unfortunately had to miss on our way back from Neckergemund. Covered in snow, the scenes were breathtaking. 

Making it to town at lunch time we headed for a Thai restaurant I found on TripAdvisor. I get swept away reading reviews - anyone else have that problem?

The restaurant was easy to find as the main square was quite small and the signage was in bright pink which stood out from the stone facades surrounding it. We walked inside to more stark pink walls and a menu big enough to stress anyone out. Luckily everything looked delicious. 

We took a seat near a colorful painting I wouldn't mind having myself. 

Having thoroughly stuffed ourselves with appetizers and huge main courses we walked it off around town enjoying the chilly day. 

And came across this awesome sculpture outside a shop. 

The main reason we came to Neckarsteinach was to see the Mittelburg castle. Unfortunately this was the first castle we have come across that was actually 'locked' - even the surrounding grounds. Not wanting to be dismayed from this turn of events we continued walking the trail surrounding the castle walls and found castle Hinterburg which is now more of a ruin than a castle. 

Built around the year 1100, Hinterburg translates to "concealed castle" and is aptly named due to its location best used for advanced fortification to protect the village. 

Watching each of our steps to make sure we didn't slip on ice we cautiously made our way up to the castle grounds. The views were spectacular. 

It seemed even more enchanting covered in snow.

Laughing is my favorite. Luckily I married the perfect guy for that.

The castle has some very interesting underground passages leading to various defensive battlements. 

The ice made our movements slow but that gave us reason to really take in our surroundings. We looked up to see a high tower and, of course, we wanted to check it out. The stairs were covered in ice so each step was deliberate to ensure we made it to the top unscathed. 

The icy steps were worth it as we got to view a snow covered Neckarsteinach below. 

Gotta love camera timers.

As we made our way down the very, very dark tower steps I immediately stopped when I couldn't hear Collin anymore. Waiting a few seconds it dawned on me that this guy was trying to scare me. Awesome. 

I cautiously felt around the walls and started saying some not-blog-friendly expletives as I hate jump scares which was exactly what Collin was trying to get me to do. Luckily I saw him before he had a chance. Always a memory to be made - that's our motto. 

Even though the trip didn't go according to plan it was definitely worth it. 

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