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Wimberley Wedding - Day 3

Collin and I woke on our last day in Wimberley exhausted from the night's festivities.  Luckily we got to sleep in to try to regain some of our strength.  We were hungry and looking for some grub.  We got ready, packed up the car, and took one last look at the magnificent view from the back porch.

Wimberley Wedding - Day 2

The mister and I woke the next day surprisingly refreshed and ready for another day of celebration.  We awoke to a stunningly beautiful day.  We took our coffee out to the back porch and slowly soaked in the surrounding nature and nibbled on oatmeal.  After catching up with Collin's parents and deciding the plan for the day we headed inside to get ready. 

Wimberley Wedding - Day 1

Tis the season for weddings and man oh man did we get invited to a great one.  This past weekend Collin and I went to a fabulous wedding in Wimberley, TX.  Now for those of you that don't know about the hill country you are sorely missing out.  It is the best part of Texas, hands down.