All in Life

New Years in Fredericksburg

I know, I know. Where the heck have I been? It's been far too long since my last post and a little late for New Years posts but alas here I am! I really wanted to share this trip that Collin and I took to ring in 2015.

10 Quick Dinner Ideas

Some nights the last thing you want to do when coming home is make dinner. What do you do those nights that you just want to pour a glass of wine and binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix? 

Become a Master of the Grocery Store

Ok, I know, not many people enjoy going to the grocery store. Especially me. I dread the awkwardness of it all. Constantly saying "excuse me" as everyone and their baskets are in your way. But, alas, the grocery store is a must when you cook. 

Hermione is the Best Kind of Role Model

Growing up I was completely obsessed with Harry Potter (and part of me still is). I was exactly the same age as the characters in the books and the actors that ultimately played them in the movies. I loved the fantastical nature of it all. I wished daily for my very own acceptance letter to Hogwarts and to escape to the surreal world of witchcraft and wizardry. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Big Dog

Collin and I don't have any children yet but we do have a very large dog. We aren't really the type of couple that treat their dog like a child but currently she is our only little one roaming around the house. Now, as many of you may have read my past post about our dog, you will have seen that she is quite large. 

Six Things I Loved About August

August was a fantastic month! I've always loved August. Although it is bloody hot in Texas during August I love the fact that fall is right around the corner. Football season starts which is a mainstay in our home. My birthday happens which is always fun and it makes me start thinking about autumn which is my all time favorite season. 

First Home

Collin and I took the plunge! We bought our first home. It's small, sweet, and all ours. We absolutely love it! We moved in about a month ago and already feel like its the home we've always wanted.

Travel Bug

Anyone else ever get the travel bug?  It's hitting me something fierce recently.  Collin and I have a pact that each year we will go on at least one trip.  I'm ignoring the fact that we have already been on one trip this year and working on planning the next.

Pressures of College

The pressures of kids growing up are well known.  They grow increasingly more intense as they get older.  First you must get into the right preschool, then the perfect elementary school, which continues through middle and high school.  

I have thought on this a while.  Generation Y or Millennials as many call us are getting a reputation of being job hoppers.  We are seen as employees that lack loyalty and become easily bored and therefore look to the next adventure to add to our resume.  I have seen this too.  Heck, I've done this.  But I also see why this is happening and perhaps what employers can do to rectify this phenomena.   

It's great to be 'like a girl'

Collin recently showed me a video that Always created to portray the way in which a phrase can affect a generation of girls.  The video entitled 'Like a Girl' has gone viral and rightfully so.